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Neurosense is one of the world's leading and most established Neuromarketing Research agencies.
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Successful marketing depends on the accurate prediction of consumer behaviour. Yet neuroscience has shown that 90% or more of our behaviour is driven by thoughts and emotions that operate deep within our subconscious mind. So if you only rely on your consumers' conscious or spoken feedback, you are only capturing the tip of the iceberg of emotions that shape their preferences and decisions.

At Neurosense, we specialise in uncovering the deep-seated feelings and subconscious reactions that consumers have to brands, products, packaging designs, advertisements and marketing initiatives. By helping our clients access and understand how consumers truly feel about their brands, we are helping them create better products and services and deliver more effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

Our implicit tests work by capturing consumers' subconscious responses online in less than a second and before the conscious brain has time to influence their responses. In this way, we are able to measure consumers' subconscious emotions unfiltered by concerns about what they should or shouldn't say. This in effect removes the confounding effects that so often plague focus groups and explicit questionnaires or surveys.