Increasing globalisation has meant that packaging is constantly undergoing redesign to cater for different cultural preferences and changing retail environments. With the amount of information on food packaging (e.g. environmental and health-related) similarly on the increase, how can the packaging design industry meet these demands while simultaneously retaining the important visual cues that are implicitly used by consumers to find their preferred brands amongst cluttered retail displays?

Studies have shown that what people think they attend to, and what they actually attend to, can be very different indeed. Perceiving a label or visual design cue as important is entirely different to actually paying attention to it.

N-PACK™ was developed in-house to identify the subtle visual cues on a pack that consumers pay most attention to, even when they are not conscious of it. The test, which is carried out online, involves deconstructing the visual information on pack designs in order to determine which items are most salient in consumers' minds.