Brands and products often consist of multi-level stimuli and messages, from claims, to packaging, to visual attraction, there is a complex and intertwined assault on the consumers senses and emotions, which is very difficult to unravel using traditional explicit methods. De-Construct is Neurosense’s proprietary implicit tool for pulling apart brand assetts and quantitatively measuring the individual component parts. For example, a triplicate claim such as “Great tasting, full of goodness and naturally healthy” contains three component parts but which one is doing what and are all three of them good for the brand or is one not working as well as the other two? At a visual level how do the component parts of a car - lights, grille, logo, face, shape, rear view, side view and so on, work on the emotions of consumers and which of them is succeeding, which is failing and which is doing more for the competitors?    This test is also used to de-construct a concept (e.g., “Environmentally friendly”, “Natural goodness”, etc) so that we can identify what consumers associate with these concepts. This information can be used to position a brand in the marketplace.