This is our flagship product, which can be administered online in any country, in any language, and on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile/cell phone). It is fast, easy to use, and requires no specialist equipment other than access to a computing device and the internet. The test does not require an unbroken internet link to operate, so is ideal for parts of the world where the internet connection is patchy or poor, the data can be saved on the device during the day and then uploaded to our servers later at a location with a better internet connection. Many of the world’s largest organisations use Neurosense’s Brainlink™ range of products to gain deeper insights into the nonconscious emotional attitudes and feelings experienced by consumers. Brainlink™ was designed to capture feelings and emotions that are difficult and often impossible to verbalise. It is an ideal online tool by which to capture consumers’ implicit biases to products and brands.