For the past 15 years, neuromarketing has been largely defined by the commercial application of neurometric approaches such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG). These methods measure consumers' conscious and subconscious brain responses using MRI scanners and electrodes placed on the scalp surface and provide useful insight into the range of emotions elicited by marketing materials.

But in today's fast moving global consumer market, companies demand easier, less invasive, faster and more cost effective methods to access their consumers' non-conscious emotions and feelings. Using our wealth of knowledge and experience in Neuroscienceand Cognitive Psychology, we have worked with many of the world's leading organisations to develop and validate a range of proprietary online tests designed to meet these needs.


Our implicit reaction time tests measure consumers' subconscious responses to brands, brand attributes, new products, advertisements, celebrity endorsers, packaging, websites and a host of other marketing stimuli. Because the subconscious brain responds more quickly than conscious processes, by presenting words (e.g. brand attributes or visual images) on a computer or tablet and training respondents to react in less than a second, we are able to capture consumers' subconscious emotions and implicit attitudes uncontaminated by conscious thoughts, even when consumers are unaware of how they really feel.

This method of uncovering subconscious biases and emotions has been employed by academic cognitive psychologists for over 30 years and is referred to "as psychophysics". There is now a wealth of peer-reviewed literature validating the psychophysical approach. The particular paradigms and tests developed by Neurosense are unique and have been designed especially for commercial applications. Most of our online psychophysical implicit tests have been validated alongside FMRI scans where the results of the two approaches have been shown to be highly correlated. Our range of implicit response time tests are extremely flexible and have been translated into multiple languages to allow for the study of cross-cultural differences in brand and product perception.

Neurosense also offers clients solutions using FMRI and biometric measures when there is a specific requirement. We have over 13 years of expertise in the commercial application of FMRI to address a large range of marketing questions. Today, many of our online tools are able to address the same issues without the need to employ brain scans but we maintain a significant business in this space, particularly in the area of new product development.