New Product Development

Identifying the constantly changing needs and wants of consumers is a substantial challenge for any innovation team. The task is complicated by the fact that, as consumers, we often don't know what we want or need. Furthermore, persuading the brain to change or adapt to new behaviours (e.g. to try novel products or services, or switch from existing brands) is hampered by the fact that our brains don't like change.

Neurosense has developed a range of tools that tap into consumers' subconscious mind in order to help clients identify these deep-seated needs, attitudes and implicit biases to different facets of a product: the multisensory attributes and properties, concept, promise and potential benefits.

Our new product development implicit response time tools include:

BrainLink™ our web-based implicit reaction time tool is widely used in the NPD sector to identify the emotions elicited (often involuntarily) by new product prototypes (concept and images) in order to predict the potential acceptance and uptake of new products and services. BrainLink™ is used by companies worldwide to answer questions including:

  • What is the nature of the emotional response elicited by the new product or service?
  • How modifiable are these immediate consumer reactions by specific messages or strategic campaign lines?
  • What images or words are automatically and implicitly associated with the benefits that our product will offer (e.g. "comfort", "trustworthiness", "value", "refreshment")?

SenseLink™ is a multisensory psychological reaction time tool which has been developed specifically to analyse each stage of a consumer's interaction with a product through each of the five senses: sight, taste, smell, touch and sound. This makes it an ideal tool for evaluating the optimal multisensory combination for any new product, particularly foods and beverages.

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