Your packaging is one of your last chances to persuade the consumer.

Over the past few years, neuroscience has highlighted the substantial impact that packaging has on the way in which consumers perceive the product contained within it.

Packaging solutions that are consistent with brand values and product benefits can enhance consumers' perception of the product, but get the colour, shape or messaging wrong, and it can have a dramatically negative impact on the product experience.

At Neurosense, we understand how to help clients' identify the most effective assets and to identify the risks of a new pack design on existing, often loyal, customers and the opportunities the design has to convert prospective customers.

Our range of tests also include a measure of implicit visual salience, a test that identifies which asset of a pack capture most attention (without the need for eye tracking), and an on-shelf findability test to measure impact and stand-out.

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Multiple BrainLinks, N-ACT, PackSearch, De-Construct, Claim Believability Test, N-Gage (Claim Engagement Test), Claim Ownership Test