The Science Of Understanding Consumers' Emotions Is Leading To A New Empathic Marketing.

Where are behavioural studies taking marketing? It's a question that has been somewhat overshadowed by the ethics and privacy debate surrounding this summer's controversial social media 'emotional manipulation' experiments.

29th August 2014

Unbiased and True Compatibility.

Who people think they are compatible with and who they are actually compatible with, are two very different things. By using Neurosense's Implicit Personality test (N-IMP™), TrulySocial's Digital Dating App taps into users' subconscious to accurately determine personality traits and then accurately match users with whom they are truly compatible with.

10th October 2013

Don't think - Creativity works better that way

Give a man a deadline and he will deliver a solution, remove it and he will create the future. Neuroscience is now beginning to shed some light on the elusive nature of human creativity.

September 27th 2013

New research suggests controversial approach to reversing high staff turnover rates

From service-based SME's to global international call centers, the demands placed on service staff can be so stressful that staff turnover rates are rocketing. A recent study by Neurosense suggests that the solution may lie in better understanding of how the human brain deals with complex social interactions. Singapore Business Review.

27th September 2013

The Science of Good Service

American Express has partnered with Neurosense to conduct a global study that measures the chemical, biological and emotional impact in people giving or benefiting from great acts of above-and-beyond service.

August 12th 2013

The Science Behind Amazing Service featuring Dr. Eamon Fulcher

The Science Behind Amazing Service featuring Prof. Gemma Calvert

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