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Q. What hard evidence is there that using implicit measures will lead to better decisions and better commercial ROI? Q. What's the science behind Implicit Reaction Speed (IRS) testing? Q. What's the advantage of IRS testing over other neuromarketing measures or biometrics? Q. What is implicit testing and how is it applied to market research? Q. What differentiates Neurosense's methodology from others in terms of the science and the outputs? Q. What do people mean when they refer to System 1 and System 2 processes? Q. If we used BrainLink to test a new design against the current pack, would the test tell us which one is preferred? Q. Is the BrainLink test based on just word attributes or can you use images? Q. Isn’t BrainLink sensitive to handedness and age? Q. How do you choose the attributes for a BrainLink test? Q. Which languages can BrainLink be tested with and are you able to test people who don’t have an internet connection? Q. What evidence is there that implicit reaction time tests can predict anything that explicit methods can’t? Q. How fast is an implicit response?