About Us

Neurosense is one of the world's leading and most established Neuromarketing Research agencies. Since 1999, our team of dedicated research psychologists, marketers and consumer scientists have helped clients access and understand the subconscious emotions that consumers have to their brands, products, packaging and marketing campaigns, in order to predict their behaviour with much greater accuracy.

As the world's first neuromarketing company, founded by Professor Gemma Calvert, the company began it's life by carrying out functional MRI (FMRI) scans for commercial clients who wanted a deeper understanding about how consumers really felt about their brands and products and to gain better insight into how to engage with them on an emotional basis.

However, in today's fast moving global consumer market, companies demand easier, less invasive, faster and more cost effective methods to access their consumer's non-conscious emotions and feelings. Using our wealth of knowledge and experience in Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology, we have worked with many of the world's leading organisations to develop and validate a range of proprietary online tests designed to meet these needs. Our tests are extremely flexible and can be used in any country and translated into any language.

Today, Neurosense leads the world in the design, building and delivery of online non-conscious consumer tests. These scalable, fast turnaround and cost effective speeded response time paradigms, which work below conscious thought processes, allow clients to capture consumers' non-conscious thoughts, emotions and inherent internal biases. From brand interrogation and construction to ad testing to new product design and packaging, we cover every aspect of marketing strategy. Neurosense also offers clients solutions using functional MRI and a range of biometrics when there is a specific requirement.

The company, which operates worldwide, has offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Neurosense partners with Ipsos, FGV Projetos Brazil, Kerbang and Beijing-based Brain Intelligence. The company collaborates with many boutique design, branding and market research companies in the developed and emerging markets. This ensures global coverage and the ability to help clients turn insights from explicit (conscious) and implicit (subconscious) research into creative executions across all levels of marketing strategy.